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A Ben 10 Fan Community that primarily focuses on shipping Ben & Kevin.
Since 2007, this community has been spreading mad love for the Ben 10 series created by Man of Action and aired on Cartoon Network. Especially mad love for the Kevin/Ben pairing aka Bevin.

With the advent of Ben 10: Alien Force, and Kevin's upgrade from rival and villain to teammate and hero, there's only been more reason to love Bevin. Fanart, fanfiction, fanvids, icons, and much more fill our pages with everything Bevin.

Also, with the lack of active general Ben 10 Communities, we've stepped up to fill the gaps. We're the biggest and most active Ben 10-exclusive fan community on LiveJournal, as far as this mod can tell.

Jump in and buckle up, because we're cranking it to eleven!



1. Focus on Kevin & Ben, particularly their relationship.

2. Ben 10 in general stuff is OK, but try to link it to Bevin!
2a. RPF IS A BIG FAT NO-NO. Focus on the characters, not the actors who play them. Ex) Don't write about Nathan and Ryan getting jiggy with it in the backseat of the Challenger when the cameras aren't rolling.

3. Be friendly. Flaming people's work, personally insulting any other members, and trolling around promoting Gwevin will get you attacked by a mob carrying flaming torches and pitchforks. And if the mob is busy, the community maintainer will ban you.
3a. The maintainer reserves the right to oversee instances of insult and/or harassment. If you feel people are treating you unfairly, they may actually have a good reason for it. The internet is not serious business, guys.

4. Do not screen comments. Only the maintainer is allowed to screen or freeze comments. If you delete a comment, it should only be for editing purposes due to typos.

5. Use cuts for big pictures, fanfics, FSTs, long posts, etc. Don't know how? Check out this comment. It has pictures!

6. Actual content goes in the posts on this community. Don't fake cut to your journal, to a writing/media journal, to another community, to fanfiction.net, to deviantart, to any other website. You can put in a line that says it is cross-posted and mention if you'd really want comments there, but all posts must have actual content. Actual fic, actual pictures, actual icons. Deletion will occur if this happens.
6a. This includes "intro posts." Your introduction isn't a paragraph about yourself. It's your first post to the comm with a fic, art, or other fanwork that you share. Intro posts are getting deleted. Try again?
6b. Don't beg for comments, reviews, attention, betas, etc. Ask politely, be nice, and get out of the kitchen if you can't take the heat when the comments are bitchy.

7. Place the right tags on your posts. Make sure you have a basic grasp of the master list of tags. If you don't understand what kind of material is associated with which tag, check out this post. If it's your first time posting, you will not have a "poster: username" tag yet. The moderator will make one for you once you post.

8. M-rated posts must be members-locked. This is LiveJournal's policy and the community will be disbanded if this rule is broken and LJ's people find it.

9. Try to use proper English grammar and spelling to the best of your ability. You don't have to go all British on us, but keep the "ur" instead of "your" out. Chatspeak confuses the moderator to no end and gives her a headache.
9a. Swearing, cussing, cursing, bad words, etc. are allowed. If you're sensitive to swears, too bad. Moderator isn't going to ban good members for saying "holy fuck."

10. If you need to bitch, do it on your personal journal. tonks17 does enough bitching in her modposts.

11. Have fun, and don't forget: CAPSLOCK IS A-OK!

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