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Ben 10 x Kevin 11

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Looking For An Olda Bevin Fanfiction Story [15 Aug 2017|02:48pm]

It's bascically what if the "Kevin 11" epsiode ended up with Ben running away with Kevin where they go on a road trip to stops like the Grand Canyon; they ended up into space together with an alien.

Does anyone remeber this story?
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I made a short! Let's call it "Lightning Strikes." [26 Jan 2015|10:17pm]

I swear this place is not dead. Just sleeping. A lot. Occasionally someone will return to kiss it and wake it up. Like now. Enjoy!

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Greeting and A Fan Art (BeVin; Pg) [29 Nov 2014|11:04pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Hello everyone in this community ^__^. Good day. I just want to say hello and share a bit of an art. This is my first time posting here, and I'm still very new of this fandom (yeah, seriously, I'd only watched until Alien Force Season 1 ep.5). I've read the rules of this community. Hopefully, I'm doing it right, but in case I make a mistake, Mod and other members, please do and remind me (pft... the tags are hilarious, I laughed like... really loud when I read them *lol*).

Okay, so here is it XD

Title: Kevin and Ben_Secret Rendezvous
Rating: Pg

Just in case, I put in under the cut ^_^)Collapse )

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Here's me realizing I never put my "Video Games" drabbles up [31 Jul 2013|09:10pm]

I still want to put them here, even though I've got other places to put these things now, and I know this place isn't nearly as active as it once was...still, doesn't quite feel right to not put things here, you know?

Anyway, here are the drabbles. Next up is "Escape From Aggregor"! Ooh, one of my favorites!

BonusCollapse )

LYWTWCollapse )

BallsCollapse )

CootiesCollapse )
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Hit 'Em Where They Live drabbles [27 Apr 2013|09:43pm]

I sort of hate this episode. Mainly, I hate it when this show tries to force the teamwork angle and falls flat on its face. Sorry, it's not funny or cute. Also the ending bothers me. A lot. I don't buy that Anodite!Gwen is that terrifying. I'm really glad I'm done with this episode.

Oh, this first one is based on a bit of dialogue I heard in the background; some paparazzi guy asking if Ben was dating Jennifer Nocturne. Seriously, I heard it! Go back and listen!

PaparazziCollapse )

MWCollapse )

IndefinableCollapse )
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Here are the last of my "Duped" drabbles. [28 Mar 2013|12:20am]

Next up is...*looks up*

Oh. Oh lord.

I'm going to cry. It's another "teamwork" episode. *shudders*

GirlfriendAdviceCollapse )

ControlFreakCollapse )

SensitiveCollapse )

BadNightCollapse )

P.S. "Sensitive" Ben was a passive-aggressive little shit, and no one can tell me he was the nice one.
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One "Duped" drabble [24 Mar 2013|10:13pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]

I haven't actually re-watched the episode yet, so I only have the one that I've been thinking of for a while.

In the meantime, I've been trying to finish up the second chapter of that untitled thing I posted up a little while back. It has a title, now, and a place on my new archive account, by the way. It's called "Fallen Heroes."

Anyway, here's the one drabble for the moment. I'm sorry that it's all I have right now. It's been kind of a strange, upsetting day.

FMTKCollapse )

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HAI BEVIN FANDOM HAVE AN FST [22 Mar 2013|10:46pm]

[ mood | blah ]

So, over in my fanmix community, this past month's round was OTP. And since I have been having Bevin feels all over again, I chose to make my mix about these two fools. Have at it. (And keep in mind that "The Reason" is my personal Bevin theme song. It's them, okay?)

The best thing 'bout tonight's that we're not fightingCollapse )

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[21 Mar 2013|06:58pm]

are there any fics where rook helps get bevin together? Or at least sympathizes with ben over his unrequited kevin luvs?
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Last two for "Fame." [19 Mar 2013|09:13pm]

"Duped" is next and it's my favorite so I'm excited. :D

OwnWorldCollapse )

PhoneCallCollapse )
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"Fame" drabbles [18 Mar 2013|11:41pm]

I just want to say I love my new tv.

Anyway! More funny and cute this time; didn't feel up to angsty. Enjoy!

UnflatteringCollapse )

LayingLowCollapse )

ThreatorMenaceCollapse )

Time&PlaceCollapse )

ObviousCollapse )
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Finally! "The Final Battle" drabbles. [17 Mar 2013|09:33pm]

I think there're eight of them.
Some of them are funny and dopey, some of them are angsty and serious. Whew! Now I can move onto Ultimate Alien! Man, am I behind.

SameOldCollapse )

GayJokesCollapse )

SelfishCollapse )

WeaknessCollapse )

PGCollapse )

HelplessCollapse )

VKCollapse )

AwkwardCollapse )
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I can't seem to find my file of "The Final Battle" DX [25 Feb 2013|12:30am]

[ mood | incoherent babbling ]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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FST pieces done. Finally. [22 Feb 2013|11:21pm]

The final pieces, inspired by When in Rome's-The Promise and Three Day's Grace's-Over and Over, respectively. Tomorrow I want to try starting where I left off on the episode drabbles. I was on...the season 3 finale of Alien Force, yes? "The Final Battle"?

Well, we'll see what I can do. I really missed writing Ben 10 stuff.

ThePromiseCollapse )

OverandOverCollapse )
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When Your Heart Stops Beating [21 Feb 2013|09:57pm]

So, um...anyone remember these? http://ben10-x-kevin11.livejournal.com/47714.html

I finally did another one. >.<

WYHSBCollapse )
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What A Drag ch 3 [21 Sep 2012|03:34pm]

What A Drag: 3/?

Word Count: 3324

Rating: PG/PG13. (Overall NC-17)

Warnings: Boy love, AU, crossdressing, stupidity and poorly executed attempts at humor. Fear it.

Summary: Forced to spend the summer at his cousin's house Ben suffers the ultimate humiliation in the hands of his cousin in her attempts to serve him some humble pie. Emasculation. In high heels and skirts, Ben faces the challenge of surviving summer. As a girl.

(Previous chapters can be found under the Masterlist in my journal.)

Chapter 3 – Welcome to the JungleCollapse )

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Not sure how to title this fic... [09 Aug 2012|11:37pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

My old Bevin feelings are welling up again, so I got my butt in gear to finish up this thing for chili_fries...well, the first chapter of the thing I was making for chili_fries. I'm still hoping to be able to work on the other chapters, but with my habit of getting new ideas every ten minutes? I wouldn't put all my money on it.

In any case, here is the start of an angsty fic that I'm not sure how to title (I'm open to suggestions).

???Collapse )

(P.S. I am so sorry this took me so long, chili_fries)

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And then I dumped all my videos on you [06 Aug 2012|12:10am]

Wow, I sort of ran off and fell into a pit of Homestuck and other fandoms, didn't I? But, that does not mean I have been completely inactive on the Bevin front. If this needs a read more just tell me and I'll add it.

I made a promise to myself that I would finish up my current Bevin projects and complete a vid each day, and was surprisingly successful.

(Oh god I completely forgot I even had this. Oh man I am sorry. EVERYTHING AFTER THIS IS BETTER.)

I know you all wanted disjointed unfinished videos

Everything I wanted to make but could not finish. I apologize for how mood whiplash-y this is.

everybody better remember this song

- like you - aka That One Time I Wanted To Emulate One Of My Favorite Editors, But Alas, I Could Not. It's set in a regular high school au (no, really) and Kevin and Ben have big dumb boy feelings for each other. I tried to keep it from being too melodramatic, but still, dumb boy feelings all up in here. For the sake of context, it was inspired by this lovely TAR video. I am weak for Cale/Milo, and I love bully/jock+nerd pairings. A lot. Even though for this vid it was actually punk/jock.

I still like this title

Remember that one time I posted that [JUDAS] preview? Yeah. Just FYI, in the middle of the video, Ben is dreaming about how his younger self met Kevin and remembered it subconsciously and how he never would have offered Kevin a place on the team if it weren't for that and even though Paradox told him this, it didn't really click until 2:45 at night. Oh Ben.

and finally my MASTERPIECE

I'm not gonna lie; that Albedo/Ben part is my favorite, and it was the last thing I added as I cleaned it up two days ago. Albedo plz, stop being so cute.

OKAY and that's it. I love you all, and this comm, it fills me with warm fuzzy nostalgia and I'll probably always visit it, if not post in it. Because it's perfect.
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[26 Jun 2012|02:36am]


I know this community hasn't been very active but I need your help.
A friend of ine recently got into Be 10 and I'm searching for a special fanfiction to show her.
It plays in the "Ken 10" episodeverse and of course it's a Bevin one.
I remember Kevin being reversed to 11 again and Ben making him good by keeping him in a room alone with nothing.
I also remember him giving Kevin a blanket at some point if he says 'please'

I don't remember much more but I hope you people can help me out.
Thank you

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Regards!! [05 May 2012|06:21pm]

Hello everybody! I finally decided make an account in this place and cheer me to publish, actually I have been living here, therefore I know that kind of things

Here are somethinks that I have. Enjoy!!     


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